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    Release Date:

    Here is the announcement you've been waiting for! I'd like to announce that the release date of the server is going to be on the 29th December 2018 @ 18:00 GMT / 13:00 EST.

    We are also having a 60% OFF RELEASE SALE from the 28th of December to the 4th of January! Make sure to stay tuned for tons of giveaways and sales in the future, trust me it's worth it. #HYPE


    Q: How do I invite my friends?
    For PC users, simply navigate to the general or lobby channel then simply right-click the channel and hit Instant Invite then make sure to set it to a permanent invite link in the checkbox. It's pretty much the same for Mobile users the only difference is that you need to click on the little person with the + symbol to create the invite link.

    Q: What will happen to the people who donated on the server?
    Pretty much, they will contact me and we will have a discussion about how much they spent and then afterward, I will decide what to do.

    Q: Will people who purchased stuff using the top voters' coupons still have what they purchased?
    Sadly nope, this is due to the fact that first, they haven't spent their own money to get what they got with the top voter coupons, and second almost everything on the store will be changing including ranks which will be increasing, etc...

    Q: Are you looking for staff?
    Yes I am, I will be opening the staff applications in a couple of days and for those interested in applying, please consider letting me know by private messaging me on discord.

    Q: Will the server stay cracked or will it be premium?
    As you may or may not know I've said that it's going to be a premium-only Minecraft server BUT this has officially changed since I've got an amazing plugin from my friend which basically for those who are premium users, they don't have to register neither login on the server but for those who are cracked users, they must register or login on the server! In addition to that, cracked users cannot use premium usernames!

    Q: What If I was banned, how will I connect, is there anyway to appeal my ban?
    Yes there is but you don't need to because the ban list has been reset! Have an absolutely fantastic day! and I hope to see you all on the release date. 28th December 2018 - 4 PM GMT / 11 AM EST.

    Staff Recruitment is open!

    As you can see we're getting low and low on staff due to the older staffs resigning and so on, so this means that we're in need of applicants. So you're more than welcome to apply for Trainee. And to do so, first things first you must sign up on our website Second, navigate through the "Forums" tab then click on "Trainee Applications". Please keep in mind that any sort of plagiarism will lead to an instant denial, so beware.

    Discord Updates:

    We have added some BOTs for fun in Discord and interaction. Also, we have integrated our server chat with Discord, so you can have a talk with the people in game via Discord.
    All the giveaways, events will be held in our Discord server so please be sure to join our Discord. (
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