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    Application Guideline

    [IGN] - Simply provide your IGN here, Case sensitivity with your exact username will let us distinguish who exactly you are. Make sure you spell correctly and are using your current IGN.

    [Age] - Currently, we are only accepting applications of individuals over a certain age. DO NOT LIE ABOUT YOUR AGE. While there is a "minimum" age, for the most part, we accept staff members of any age. Lying about your age, however, will result in us finding out easily as there is an interview.

    [Timezone] - Please provide us your EXACT time zone. Please refer to this website: out your EXACT time zone can make the difference between getting Helper and being declined as we are sometimes short on certain servers during different times of the day.

    [What time are you most often on and how many hours can you contribute?] - This is a very simple question but ELABORATION IS NEEDED. We do not need your exact weekly schedule but knowing how often and when you can play and contribute to the server matters A LOT as a Staff member. Like the Time Zone question, stating the most often times you can play and help the server can determine whether or not you get Staff position! Give us a rough estimate of how many hours you can play a day. State if you can play in the morning time or afternoon or evening time or your time zone. The more accurate and precise you are, the better your application will look to the admin.

    [When did you first play Minecraft, how often did you play?] - This question allows you to elaborate more than any of the previous questions. Explain to us how dedicated you are to Minecraft and tell us how long you have been playing! If you have been playing for 3-4 years, then state it! If you can tell us which Version of Minecraft you started playing on EVEN BETTER! This section shows us how dedicated you are to the game.

    [Have you ever been Banned or Tempbanned on our server or another server?] - This section is probably the MOST IMPORTANT section of the application. If you have EVER been banned from ANY server please explain to us WHY you were banned and if you had learned or matured from that experience. We understand that being banned on other Minecraft servers may not be important, but once again this explains to the admins if you are the type of person they can trust when power is put into your hands. Will you abuse your power or will you not? This section will help us see who you truly are if you've ever been banned so reply accordingly! Don't lie to us. We know liars when we see one.

    [Did you have any previous moderation experience? If yes please share.] -
    This part of your application will let us know if you have any experience in being in a leadership role. If not, tell us that you'd like this as your first leadership role and explain to us WHY you would be a good candidate for helping out this fantastic server.
    If you have been an admin or a leadership role on another server explain to us how you did in that role. What server/game type were you a moderator on? Are you still a moderator on that server? If so, will you resign from that server and work solely for The Archon? If not, why are you not a moderator anymore? Elaborating on this part extensively will show us whether or not you are qualified for a role on our server. Also please provide server IPs of past servers. You cannot say "I've been an admin on 19 servers, moderator on 8 and helper on 4." As always, DO NOT LIE.

    [Do you fully understand the concept of our custom-prison based server? If so, could you be able to provide players with useful information when required? (as well as typical Minecraft knowledge)?] - This question is based on your knowledge of our server and Minecraft itself. This information will determine how well you can assists players on the server. Give an explanation of how well you know either one.

    [Do you have Discord?] - Discord is our primary mode of communication between the ranks. It is almost REQUIRED for your application to be accepted. If you do not have it, I recommend downloading it then finishing the rest of your application.
    If you so have Discord, DO NOT POST YOUR USERNAME HERE. You will be contacted by a staff member if your application is accepted and we will tell you who to add.

    [Are you able to download certain requirements when joining?] - Staff members are required to download a way to screen capture evidence or communicate.

    [Are you able to record and do you use a microphone?] - Not required but this will help us in the future if we need someone to help record anything.

    [Have you read the Server Rules and do you agree to our terms?] - We expect our future members to know these rules by heart already and to agree to all the terms for once you are a staff member the rules are more strict.

    [Anything else you'd like us to know?] - Last but not least, this is the final question to wrap up your application. Tell us some things that will make you stand out from the crowd of Trainee applications. Leave us with something memorable that will let us distinguish you as an exceptional individual. BE CREATIVE. BE YOU.

    If you have read this entire application please write
    "I have read the Staff guidelines & Server Rules" on your application to show us you took the time to read this REQUIRED post. Please place this at the VERY LEFT BOTTOM of your Application in "RED" font.
    >>>>Failure to write this in your application will be cause for immediate denial<<<<
    Last Notes,
    Your public appearance on all of the servers is important. Do not get into arguments with people that may end up in that person writing on your application page that you should not get Helper. Do not accuse players of wrongful doings. Remain mature and respectful. Be nice to everybody that you can so that you have supporters on your application page and show to us that you are a good model and person to everybody around you. Your public appearance is IMPORTANT. Be smart! Have fun!

    Completed Application

    DO NOT PM other staff to look at your application.
    This can get it denied.

    Head Staff will go over applications every week and you will receive a response in good time.
    Once accepted, staff applicants will be added to a chat, to be interviewed.
    Once everything checks out in the interview, they will officially become staff.
    Everything else about how "staff" works internally will be explained afterward.


    If your application was denied, it could simply mean one of the following things:

    » You simply do not meet the requirements to become a Staff on our server.

    » Your application is lacking detail and shows lack of commitment.

    » Maturity level based on player observations and interactions within the community deems that you are not worthy to hold a Staff position.

    Having good standings with the community will ALWAYS help in your bid to become a helper. If your application is DENIED you can re-apply in » THREE WEEKS « after the initial date of denial.

    Thanks for taking the time and applying for a Staff member.

    As a reminder, only Staff members can reply to your Application.
    This is to prevent spamming of useless "advice" given by some of our Community members. Thank you.
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