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    Hello there people, I would like to introduce myself to you for those who don't know me yet. My in-game name is known to be as Anaerobe, and I own the server called MineSignia as you can probably tell by now this is its official website we will be using. I'm very active on discord so make sure to join the discord server because most updates, announcements, and giveaways will be taking place in there. You probably don't want to miss any of them so make sure to join our discord now!

    As you can tell we are now officially called MineSignia and as can be seen, we have a pretty new website as well as a pretty new domain! The website also holds an SSL certificate so all of your information is pretty secure.

    As you may be questioning, make sure to check out the FAQ that I've posted on the discord server it will answer most of your frequent questions.

    Discord ● https://discord.minesignia.com
    Server IP ● play.minesignia.com
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.